Devoted to brain injured children

Edited by Maria Simona Bellini

Translation from Italian by Diana Nadalini


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From despair to hope

Brain injury: a diagnosis that can cause great anxiety, especially if it strikes a child. However, that is not the feeling that will prevail when you will read these pages. We want to lead you by the hand on an unknown path, to tell you about brain injury in a different way, because very little is known about the brain, its structure and its functions. And we want to share with you our wonderful adventure with our daughter Letizia, a brain injured child. The human brain still hasn't revealed all its secrets, and it is precisely this limited knowledge that gives us hope. Our hope is encouraged by unexpected achievements and shared by thousands of families world-wide that have our same aim : "Never give up!", in order to offer our children the best possible opportunities.

Would you like to be on our side? We do need you, whether you are living a similar experience or are simply a person willing to offer our child a smile . Because one day, you too, may help someone by telling him "Don't ever give up!"


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