Devoted to brain injured children

Edited by Simona Bellini

Translation from Italian by Diana Nadalini


in Italiano


Dear Parents of a child with a brain injury,

we created Letizia's Club, a web site dedicated to children with brain injury, to promote contacts between families confronted with the same problem: the handicap of their child.We started this initiative because we are convinced that we can help each other, exchange some advice or tips, even on aspects of everyday life that may seem trivial but that could nevertheless enhance the quality of life of our children and of the whole family. We would like to make it clear from the start that we do not consider ourselves to be special, certainly not different from yourselves and that we do not pretend we can teach you anything.

We are simply lucky parents insofar as we have had the chance of understanding the situation, with the help of other parents. We feel therefore, and with all due humility, that we may be able to help you during the more difficult moments that we have already experienced ourselves.

We are also looking forward to learning from other parents. It is through this exchange of experiences and testimonials that Letizia's Club will hopefully become a link between these families that lead a daily battle against their own child's handicap.

In the beginning, we bitterly missed the opportunity to talk to parents that were going through the same experience we were. That is why we now try as much as possible to inform others and share our experiences.

Talking about this issue can only be beneficial to us, and probably to those that don't even know anything about brain injury or have a distorted perception of it as well.

In our experience we have been quick to understand that brain injury does not mean stupidity. If anyone would happen to loose sight or hearing in an accident, nobody would think of calling that person stupid because he is banging into objects or does not answer when talked to. We would simply think that that person has certain limitations that have to be taken into account when communicating with him.

The same is true for our children, that are not able to tell us how intelligent they are because, more often than not, their senses are not able to decode the messages we think we are sending them. But the message in their eyes is clear ! These limitations cannot be a hindrance to us. We have to look into our childrens eyes, find their potentialities and do all we can to bring them out, with all the instruments we have at our disposal. It is our right and our duty.

Before reaching this stage, however,as a parent of a child with a brain injury you will have a much harder battle to fight, the battle against yourself. This battle will lead you into anxiety. You will ask yourself "why us", you will loose sleep thinking of how life could have been.This anxiety will lead you to isolate yourself in your own home or, even worse, in your own self. And instead of helping your child and family, you will be even more emarginated.

We have been through this stage and know how important it is to overcome it as soon as possible. This means we need to bring into discussion the numerous cliches that the media often present, as well as part of our education. This is not an easy task, but is far from impossible.We must , therefore, come out into the open, and bring our child along everywhere, without the fear of being stared at. It is through this curiosity towards our children that an attitude of integration for tomorrow's disabled will be possible.

Be proud of your children, of their achievements. Their limitations are irrevelant, whereas their daily battle for a normal life and their right for existence are worthy of our admiration. So have your children join school together with the other kids. Organize birthday parties as you would for any other kid, in order for your children to know that the day they were born is a day to celebrate.

Finally, don't refrain from dreaming of a bright future for your children, even if different from what you imagined "before". The joy your children can give you is in no way proportionate to their capacities. Try to stick together, you, all the people that love your children and conquer the future together, day by day.

You may unexpectedly discover that their life has a lot more meaning than you would have imagined and you will all come out of this a lot more fulfilled.

We are here for you and are waiting for your letters or e-mails.

Tony and Simona
Please, write us in easy English


In Italy, out of 500 000 newborns, 35 000(*) are born each year with a handicap. At least that many will become disabled in subsequent years due to accidents or illness. These numbers are to be added each year to the 2.3 million (**) disabled adults.

Brain injury is the most common disabling factor amongst children. Throughout history, the victims of it have suffered greatly, eliminated in antique "civilizations", interned or kept hidden in more recent times.

The parents and families of these children have always had to deal with feelings of fear and perplexity towards their children, which are so different from the other children. It is common knowledge that one fears the unknown. To help other families face this event in the least traumatic way possible, we have set up this web site, dedicated to children with cerebral lesions.

Here other parents will find useful information about this disability, but more importantly, they will find support from persons who, just like them, have to deal with the handicap of their child day in, day out.

Another goal of "Letizia's Club" is to exchange information between parents in order to find new rehabilitation and insertion strategies, creating a network that will support families and motivate them to offer the best possible opportunities to their children. If necessary against everything and everyone, with our slogan: "Never give up!"



(*) Presidency of Italian Council of Ministers, Department of Information and Editing

(**) Center of Studies "Intergruppo Stet", 1996 Report