Anna Maria Rugarli

Cape Archives (CA), Slave Office


Registers for Graaff Reinet District:

6/58 (1816-1834)

6/60 (1816-1834)

6/61 (1820- 1835)

6/63 (1816-1834)

6/68 (1816-1834)

6/69 (1816-1835)

6/72 (1816-1834)

6/73 (1816-1834)


Registers for Cape Town and Simonstown Districts:

6/8 (1816-1834)

6/10/1 (1816-1834)

6/10 (1827-1838)

6/13 (1820-1835)

6/14 (1820-1835)

6/15 (1816-1834)

6/17 (1816-1834)

6/21 (1818-1838)

6/22 (1816-1834)

6/26 (1816-1834)

6/27 (1816-1833)

6/28 (1816-1833)

6/30 (1816-1834)

6/31 (1816-1834)

6/34 (1816-1834)


Register for Cradock District: 6/43 (1822-1833)

Register for Stellenbosch District 6/94 (1816-1835)

Register for Swellendam District: 6/121

Lists and Returns of Slaves 7/34 (1833)




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