Poeti contemporanei affermati, emergenti ed esordienti
  Maurizio Sergi presents
Two Red Roses

The scene opens in a little Greek town by the sea, with costumes and environment relative to the first half of the 20th century, around 1920: a town holiday where people eat and sing in a place out in the open. A huge table with plenty of food where at least 60 or 70 persons, men and women, typically Greek, sit around the table; a lot of food and drink is visible and everyone eats and drinks and laughs loudly, having a good time.
In a bedroom situated above the banquet, two middle aged people, man and wife, are trying to sleep; they are foreigners and guests at the inn; he turns on his bed nervously, he stirs and tosses, covers his head with a pillow, his wife goes to the window to see where all the noise is coming from. The people down below are laughing and singing and having a good time. The husband can't take the noise anymore, he gets up from the bed in a hurry gets dressed, puts his shoes without tying up his shoe laces and goes out of the door, his patience has been worn out. A group of seven young people gets up from the banquet table a couple of them pick up from a small table near by some typical string instruments and start singing together a classic of the Greek musical repertory, extraordinarily beautiful.
Track N° 1 From cd : greek chorus
In the group that is singing there is also a young tall man, very handsome, incredibly handsome, typically Greek, his name is Panaiotis.
Suddenly the man that could not get to sleep at the inn appears wanting to complain, but hearing the choir that has just begun stops and slowly becomes more serene: the initial noise in the meantime has ceased and it is plain to see from the man's face that he is fascinated by the beauty of the singing ; slowly he sits at the end of the table where the other guests are sitting.
One of them near him offers him a glass of wine that the man accepts with a shy smile. After a while, his wife joins him in her housecoat with a wondering expression; her husband offers her a chair and nods her to be silent because he wants to listen to the chorus that continues to sing an infinitely sweet musical piece made even more so by the talent of the singers.
The lead, singer Panaiotis, dark eyed, spacious forehead, while singing keeps looking at a girl sitting at the table, an extraordinarily beautiful girl, typically Greek, dark brown eyes, sparkling, and as beautiful as two stars; her name is Anna; she looks at the young man fascinated by him. The young man appears to sing just for her.
At the end of the song everyone applauds heartily and the young men sit down again at the table
There follows a series of toasts dedicated to friends living and dead: a middle aged man with thick black moustache gets up:
First man: I drink this wine to the health of this individual who is as ugly as our friendship is beautiful (and nods towards one of the guests sitting next to him, who smiles entertained)
Second man : (the guest sitting near to him, same age, same type) I sit beside this drunkard because I am proud to have such a true friend!
Third man: The sea gives, and the sea takes away… I drink to you my dear Mirko… my dear brother.
Everybody gets up and after a short time of total silence they clap their hands loudly.
A fourth man gets up with a faint smile, evidently intending to recreate the same festive atmosphere as before.
Fourth man: I drink in honour of all of you, to all our friends who are looking at us from above wishing to all my friends here that they may find the key hole tonight when they go home.
The sleepless guest at the inn: My wife and I have came from far away, not dressed like this, when we will go back to our country maybe we will sleep longer, but we will miss the warmth and the sweetness of this land; we came here because we love Greece and its people.
After the applause, the other guests sit tightly together to make them room; while setting the table with very modest plates and glasses they proceed to offer foods and drinks.
Another man gets up: he appears to be of a higher class, dressed elegantly, a carefully trimmed white beard, very refined. He begins to speak in a paternal way towards his guests. He is a notable in his community
The notable: my welcomed friends, the people here call me the sultan of Missolungi because of my richness and properties; a lot of them work for me, I help every person in this town who is in difficulty because the nicest thing for a man my age is to be greeted when I walk among them, not only with respect, but with affection as well, you are welcomed in this place where peace and harmony reigns.
Warm applause, more than ever, followed by drinks. After a few seconds Panaiotis gets up:
Panaiotis: I dedicate this delicious nectar of the earth to an angel descended from above… the words are not sufficient to describe the feeling that comes from the heart while I look at her face: I drink to the health of a long time friend who has now become as beautiful as a sunny day, with eyes as deep as the sea, when you look at her you are overrun by passion that removes every trace of bitterness in life.
The applause is cut by the severe look on the face of Anna's father who is sitting beside her; he takes her strongly by the hand and drags her away. The guests remain astonished and after few seconds Panaiotis gets up, irritated and goes away as well.
Scene changes: Panaiotis is sewing the nets sitting on a stool by the sea in a little harbour where there are some little old boats; Anna looks at him from a distance; Panaiotis sees her, they exchange glances, he immediately understands Anna's intentions. He leaves his work and runs towards her. Anna runs away, evidently wanting to be followed and goes and hides behind some thick vegetation near some houses at the outskirts of the town. She lays down on the burned grass and the two love each other intensely: it's obvious that their love is true and complete that stems from their childhood desires
Panaiotis: You are my life; you are part of me…. When I see you I feel a burning inside of me I have to have you near me to be able to hug you until I hear your heart beat next to mine for my whole life long and thereafter
Anna: I can't live without you, even if you're far away you are always with me …. Every day.. every hour… at night always near me, with your head on my pillow… I want you forever with all my heart… I want to stay beside you even after death…our great love will never end because it is endless.
Scene changes: a very humble kitchen with the bare essentials. Anna's father with thick grey moustache speaks to Anna loudly while she is sitting at the kitchen table:
The father : You have to forget Panaiotis! He is only a poor fisherman.. do you want to have a miserable life like mine and your mother's ? You are the most beautiful woman in the village, you have to go to the city where we will do the utmost to allow you to study and where you will find someone that can assure you a better life.
The mother, dressed in black, with a very proud attitude because it is her that runs the house turns to her husband who is Anna's father:
The mother : What are you saying? What's this about city and studies?
Haven't you noticed that Anastasio, the son of the owner of the inn has only eyes for her? You are always on the sea, you eat, drink and sleep, and you don't know anything about this town! Don't you know that Anastasio owns more than ten boats for high sea fishing and that he is the only son?!
Anna gets up she wipes her tears with her sleeve and looks at her parents with a determined glance:
Anna: I want Pnaiotis! I have loved him since childhood. if you get in the way I will kill myself and it will be your fault. I swear I will as true as I'm standing here!
After a long pause, Anna's parents sit down forlorn, look at Anna bewildered and realize, this is something bigger then them
Scene changes: a little village church; at the centre door, a wedding, the couple is posing for a picture, dressed in modest but dignified clothing of the time together with friends and relatives. The photographer has an old fashioned camera of the time. Everybody congratulates the bride and groom with hugs and kisses. Zoom on the face of Anna's father who smiles to Panaiotis and hugs him clearly moved.
Scene changes: same place of the fist scene. It's a sunny day; on a side there is a little orchestra: three violins, a viola and a violoncello playing classical pieces on the open air terrace by the sea. There is a horse shoe shaped table with fifty guests sitting around it. After a while the bride and groom enter, everyone get up and applauds, the orchestra starts playing the waltz from the opera Coppelia by Delibes
Track n° 2 from cd waltz from the opera
"Coppelia" by Delibes
The bride and groom gently start to dance holding each other's head with their hands as if they wanted to consolidate the fact that they belong to each other: They keep dancing this way while looking dreamingly into each other's eyes. When the music is over everyone stands up and applauds, the two kiss tenderly.
After a couple of seconds the notable starts to speak:
The notable: you young people! You can continue when you'll be alone! (everybody laughs) now come and sit down.
Once the bride and groom are seated, a little boy and a little girl around 12 years of age start dancing the same waltz that the orchestra is beginning to play
Continue Trace n° 2 from cd waltz from the opera "Coppelia" by Delibes
You can tell that the two youngsters' dance has been carefully practiced and tutored by adults for the ceremony; you can tell that love is budding between the two even though the little boy tries hard to hide it, then, red in the face they both go back and sit with their respective parents
Scene in the afternoon after all have eaten.
The notable : Dear Panaiotis, being that you are a good lad, and long time friend of my son Anastasio, we have decided to give you a gift that will allow you to finally fish on the high sea, where, as you know there is an abundance of fish that I will buy from you daily at the current rate, so that you and Anna will be able to live as you deserve. Inside the boat there is 5 kilometres of netting ready for use.
Toasts, hugs and kisses follow. After a while the newlyweds go and see the boat:
A 12 meter boat with on board motor with mechanical turn on by the handle, as it was in those days. The two hop on board and Panaiotis turns on the motor, Anna picks up her bride dress and goes and sits astern; the groom takes the boat slowly towards the open sea; the two wave to the guests on the terrace while slowly moving away on the open sea..
The focus is now on the boat on a calm sea like a mirror, the sun lifts a mist above the water. You can se the boat floating away in the distance with Anna's head on Panaiotis' shoulder seated on the stern of the boat; you don't hear the noise of the motor any longer and gradually you hear music by Schumann:
Track n° 3 of the cd "children games &endash; vision-" By Schumann
The scene lasts until the boat is no longer visible.
Scene changes: it's summer-time at dawn. Anna and Panaiotis dressed in their working clothes typical of those times get on the boat that is slowly leaving the harbour. The last picture dissolves while a new picture of the boat on the high sea at noon comes forth. The sea is calm without a breath of wind , Anna and Panaiotis work harmoniously, together as always, they pull in the nets: the day's fishing is abundant. Suddenly Anna cuts her finger on the dorsal fin of a fish in the net. Panaiotis is worried:
Panaiotis: be careful Anna! Give me your hand, let's see your finger… quick… it could be a poisonous fish…. And I know very well how painful it can be….. it can be really painful.
Panaiotis picks up a knife and makes a small cut on Anna's finger and sucks the blood off repeatedly while Anna smiles lovingly, realizing that the fish is not at all poisonous. Nevertheless she does not interrupt him because she likes seeing her man worried about her. After a while, still smiling:
Anna: Panaiotis….. the fin of this nice fish is not at all poisonous. It's the other fish that is… but I really liked what you did even though you ruined my finger! Now we have finished let's sit and rest and enjoy this serene silence.
Panaiotis: to-day's fishing has been exceptionally plentiful! Finally we can relax… when the sea is calm I can hear its voice that sends me an infinite serenity and it tells me how fortunate I am to have received such a gift as you.
Anna: you'll never be a minute without me… if I even see a woman looking at you I'll take her eyes out! You are mine. I feel and always have felt you inside of me!
The two sit astern on the boat that is still on a sea of glass; Anna leans her head on Panaiotis' shoulder, they're both silently enjoying each other's company. The zoom slowly moves backward from the boat stopping for a long time to look at it from far away. The boat at This point looks very small while Shumann's musical piece returns.
Track n° 3 of the cd "children games &endash; vision-" By Schumann
Scene changes: it's getting darker, the boat has returned to the little harbour. Panaiotis gets out and helps Anna and they both go towards the house holding hands. The house is cute, small and white like all Greek fishermen houses.
The two disappear inside the house and shut the door.
Scene changes: its getting darker, same harbour, some time has gone by. It's winter, Anna and Panaiotis wear modest winter clothing, there is a strong wind:
Panaiotis: I have to go and retrieve the nets, if the sea gets stormy I might lose them.
Anna: I am coming with you
Panaiotis: no! it's dangerous
Anna : I said I'm coming with you!
Panaiotis : go home, you are not coming with me! The storm is coming!
Anna : please Panaiotis, I can help you I won't let you go alone!
Panaiotis : not at all! Go home
Panaiotis jumps into the boat, starts the motor and begins to go away. Anna screams desperately at Panaiotis.
The boat is two metres away from the dock, Anna jumps into the water and tries to reach the boat by swimming. Panaiotis immediately sends the boat back in order to take Anna into the boat.
Panaiotis : (flustered) take these clothes, put on my dry clothes, hurry or you'll get cold.
He helps her to get dry and to dress. He dries her hair, looks at her with his hands on the side of her face and smiles having understood her gesture of love and hugs her.
Panaiotis : hard headed! I imagine that you won't go home…… Please it's dangerous
Anna : we either go back together or I'm coming with you!
Panaiotis : I can't lose kilometres of net!
Anna: ( calmly, determined, caressing Panaiotis' face) you can't do anything about it, I am coming with you.
Zooming on the boat, you can see it slowly moving away until the light fades away, while you can see a storm coming on towards the open sea and here you begin to hear the musical piece
Track n° 3 of cd :Prelude of the second act
from "peer gint" by grieg
Sundown the day after: the village people search for Panaiotis and Anna, repeated zooming on a wrecked boat against rocks; the sea is now calm. A little further away there are two lifeless bodies. People are running towards them, some kneel over them: scene of desperation; the action is silent you can only hear the melody by Grieg. All actions develop in relation to the musical variation.
Scene changes: the musical score proceeds without any interruption varying the volume intensity in relation to the scene; funeral: 2 caskets on a carriage full of flowers, even on the wheels, two black horses pull the carriage with two men dressed in black slowly leading the way. Zoom on the faces of the people at the funeral, faces already seen at the wedding. People are dressed in black, some throw flowers on the caskets. The focus moves slowly from the funeral to the village on the sea and finishes on the white clouds of a winter sky.
Scene changes while the piece by Grieg continues: the two caskets are slowly lowered side by side into the ground by 8 men, 4 on each side. Scene changes, same musical score; the zoom is used as if someone's eyes are searching a tombstone in a graveyard: the movement of the zoom is gradually faster until it stops on a tombstone worn out by time and almost abandoned, that has an inscription in illiric alphabet and a date. It says:- two pure souls that lived together for a short time - wrapped in an infinite love, died together, were buried together, and together up above are wrapped in God's love - June 3 - 1921 &endash; up above it, it's visible the number of the tombstone : 72.. Then you see a hand that places two red roses on the tombstone, caressing the stone gently, almost trying to feel its warmth. The hand appears that of a woman, a young woman with long, slim fingers.
The music by Grieg proceeds becoming lighter
Track n° 5 prelude II act of "peer gint" by grieg
A young woman around twenty years of age accompanied by a man of the same age walks down a solitary country lane, while the camera zooms toward them. The music faints.
The two enter in a little villa in a Tuscan countryside in present time.
He has flowers in his hands: they are engaged and the girl presents her fiancé to her parents for the first time (her name is Angela, his name is Albert, he's American)
Anna: don't be embarrassed, I am serene, because I know my parents, they'll welcome you like a son.
Albert: let's hope so
There is a light smile on his face; they walk into the well to do villa, with a little swimming pool, very lovely, and a beautiful lawn. Three people meet them: Angela's father, Massimo, her mother, Miriam, and her grandmother, Matilde. They are greeted with spontaneous warmth due to the fact that Albert has made a good impression with his gentle, respectful manners and his good lad aspect.
Angela's mother, Miriam, goes towards the couple smiling and Albert gives her a bunch of red roses.
Lunch time: the table setting reveals the family's class culturally as well; Massimo, Angela's father Miriam's husband starts to speak:
Massimo : Albert, I know that you' are an electronic engineer, its' a beautiful degree, how do you like your job? We know all about you because Angela is always talking about you.
Albert looks at Angela knowingly.
Albert : I love my job and am grateful to the general manager in Los Angeles for having given me the management of the Florence branch, that way I can live here with Angela without taking her away from her family,
I know how attached she is to you. (He holds her hand).
While everyone starts to eat Albert makes the sign of cross:
Albert : excuse me, it's a family habit…
Massimo: oh not at all ,it's a beautiful habit, its a habit that we hardly ever forget ourselves... hardly ever.
Matilde : (ironically) yes hardly ever like going to church every Sunday.
Massimo with a light smile makes the sign of the cross with all the others and they start eating. After a short time:
Albert: I don't know much about your habits but is it ok to compliment the cook, I've never eaten such a good sufflè and such a great roast!
Matilde: of course you can! Even though they are oven baked lasagne and I'm the cook (with obvious pride)
Massimo: My mother in law is a great cook even though she doesn't know what a sufflè is.
Matilde looks at Massimo with a questioning smile and suddenly looking towards Albert:
Matilde: You are a good boy, Albert… you speak Italian perfectly, you'll like being in this family… you know you look strangely like my husband, Angela's grandfather, when he was young.
Albert : (curious) if you have any pictures, I would like to see them.
Scene changes: everyone is sitting in the living room, Angela shows some pictures of her grandfather:
Angela: look Albert, see this little dark spot on his forehead, see? It's shaped like an A, when I was small he always told me that it was a sign from the sky announcing the arrival of an angel in our family and he always said that I was this angel.
Angela tries to keep back her tears and goes towards the piano and starts to play with eyes full of tears
Track n° 3 "children's games" by Schumann
Angela: I lived with him all my life until six months ago, when he passed away, he was always cheerful, never boring, he was an extraordinary soul, he really liked this musical piece, I remember the first time that I played it from beginning to end….
End of the scene, same place with Angela's parents and her grandfather and all the family a lot younger, they're sitting on a couch, the grandfather (elderly man but still young good looking) sits on an arm chair, Angela, eight years old, is at the piano playing the same musical piece as the preceding scene when she was an adult. The camera zooms in on the grandfather's face visibly moved, two tears fall down his cheeks. Matilde looks at Ettore ( the name of the grandfather and her husband)
Matilde : Ettore! What's the matter? Really you are getting old!
Miriam : (impetuously) no! dad will never grow old! He's always been very sensitive and that has not always been understood!
When Miriam stops speaking, little Angela runs towards her grandfather's arms and they hug each other.
Matilde : I know… I know…. even though at times he makes me mad because he is so stubborn!
Scene changes _ the whole family is at the dinner table. While the maid is serving, dinner, there's a moment of silence: Ettore makes the sign of the cross, 12 year old Angela sitting beside him, looks at him.
Matilde: (speaking to Ettore) this is the first time that I see you make the sign of the cross before eating, what's the matter with you?
Ettore: as you know to morrow is my last day of work and I feel a little sad… the end of one's working life is a sad time for anyone … and when you have worked with satisfaction and among great men
Matilde: (ironically) and women..
Ettore: sure … and women.. detaching yourself from all this is very difficult…. But then I realize that I'll have more time to be with my angel (looks at Angela smiling) then I know I'm the luckiest man in the world.
Massimo : we will be happy as well, first of all for Angela, who will have a first rate tutor and secondly because we are often away because of our work.
Scene changes: a luxurious meeting room: all the leading managers and doctors at the hospital where Ettore is the top manager; 10 people are present of which 4 women dressed in white the eldest is speaking and everyone stands up:
Elderly doctor: Dear Ettore, what I'm about to say is, I am sure, in everyone's heart. It has been a pleasure to have worked under you., because you have motivated us to make this place one of the most famous medical centres in Italy and in the world. Also your sense of justice has guided us through the difficult periods. We were happy to have you by our side because of your top level preparation and manners and, why not, because of your humour, as well. With you, everyone of us has always felt secure: now that you are leaving us, you will leave behind your teachings, but also a great emptiness. We hope that you'll often come to visit us not as a patient but as a friend among friends. We wish to give you this gold watch as a gift, so that the time that will pass from here on may be golden… no gift was more deserved … you gave us much more.
He gives him the watch, everyone is moved, Ettore, standing up, takes off his white uniform and puts it on his chair as a ritual, and looking at the watch:
Ettore: It's a very valuable watch, I'll wear it with great respect and think of you every time I look at it. People say that you become a better person if you stay with better people… working with you has been a privilege (visibly moved).. here I have spent a lot of the time of my life and I loose here a lot of my life… I'd like to say a lot of things but I can't go on, I'll miss you all!
While he starts to go out of the room people line up to shake his hand and hug him. The last person is a beautiful woman with red hair, beautiful green eyes, a doctor, (it's evident that she feels a particular fondness for him) after shaking hands she hugs him and cries and kisses him on the check near his mouth. Ettore turns away in a hurry, visibly moved.
The musical piece to play is:
Track n° 6 "Sad waltz "
by sibelius
And this accompanies Ettore down the hospital lane. He turns to look up towards the hospital windows where his fellow doctors are looking down on him, and he throws them a kiss, then turns his head again, and continues to walk. Slows down again but suddenly begins to walk faster.
Scene changes: afternoon in the leaving room, in the house Massimo, Miriam and Ettore's wife, Matilde, are getting ready to go out
Ettore why don't you resume your activity in the operating room? You are still young not even sixty.
Ettore: for three reasons: first of all I don't feel like taking the place of a younger doctor, secondly after having been behind a desk for so many years I wouldn't even be able to sew a wound and also I have no knowledge of all the new medical instruments and electronic gadgets now in use in the operating room, thirdly I don't feel like working under someone who was once under me
Matilde: OK but you don't have to be so sad , now you have to enjoy life!
Now I'm going to play cards see you for supper ….
Waves to Ettore who is sitting beside his daughter Ettore doesn't seem too convinced.
Miriam: dad please don't be sad, to night I have to go with Massimo to Milan for business but we will back soon.
She kisses Ettore on the head and Angela as well
Massimo: we are glad that we're leaving Angela with such a tutor!
The image of Angela as an adult reappears at the piano playing the same musical piece by Schumann
Track n° 3 "children games" by Schumann
Angela as an adult: My life with him has been enormously happy. He has lived beside me longer than anybody. He always spoke with me as if I were an adult and I felt like an adult near him; he has greatly influenced my growing up years through his intelligence, and any good quality that I have I owe it to him. The affinity that we had allowed me to understand everything he said to me … he always had an answer for everything even for the most difficult things ….. then, I remember that he always made me laugh he had a terrific personality.
The previous scene returns in the living room on the couch, 12 year old Angela is seated near her grandfather Ettore
Angela: grandpa now you're all mine… teach me to dance
Ettore: sure my dear miss!
He picks a tape and puts it on and the music starts a waltz from "Coppelia2 by Delibes.
Track n° 2 waltz from "coppelia" by delibes
Ettore goes towards Angela :
Ettore: may I have this dance miss?
Angela steps on her grandfather's toes and trips
Ettore: watch out! You have to go like this … one … two three, one….two…three
They dance for a bit then Ettore picks up Angela
Ettore: you see Angela, a waltz has to be danced by turning fast like this…..
While doing this after a few seconds, Ettore begins quietly to be moved and frowns as if something not fully comprehensible is turning up in his mind, while Angela laughs and doesn't see her grandfather's face.
Ettore: (sitting all at once on the couch)……. Until everything doesn't continue to dance around you even after you have stopped.
Angela: grandpa why do you have tears in your eyes?
Angela: because…….because you are now the only reason for living .. and being that it is a wonderful reason I'm moved and then you know, a man is not a man if he's not moved at least once a day!
Angela: grandpa I like being with you, I wish it would never end.. I even like you when you're crying although you make me cry too
Ettore: My sweet baby! (hugs her)
Angela resumes telling Albert the story.
Angela: one time I remember we were waiting for mom and grandma to come back from shopping
Scene changes: you see Ettore picking up a ladder and talking to 12 year old Angela
Ettore: come honey we'll play a joke on your mother
Angela: yes let's grandpa
Ettore fills up a coloured balloon with water, puts it on top of the door and puts a needle in it that will pierce the balloon and everyone underneath will get wet.
Ettore: (talking to Angela) you know, water jokes in the summer are not in bad taste especially if played on women, because they wear very light clothes and everything ends up in a laugh.
Angela: Yes grandpa (claps her ands)
Ettore: now let's sit here to catch the scene, in the meantime let's pretend we're playing chess
Angela: Yes grandpa.
They both start playing chess. After a while the door opens and Matilde and Miriam are preceded by a distinct, elegant bald man: he is Angela's piano teacher; all the water from the balloon falls on his head
Matilde: (looking up) what's this!?
Miriam realizing what happened, hides outside near the door laughing. The piano teacher, after a few seconds looks up and looking at Matilde
Piano teacher: Oh madam "what is this" I say! Look at me!
Ettore: I'm sorry (and tries to dry the water away from his jacket)
Piano teacher: what are you doing, dusting me ?! oh please!
Matilde is embarrassed and Miriam goes towards the garden trying not to laugh loudly.
Ettore: I'm sorry, maestro, the joke wasn't meant for you, I'm always kidding around with my daughter and niece…. It wasn't at all meant for you.
Piano teacher: (ironically) well thank goodness… then I can be happy for that!
In the meantime Matilde comes forth with a shirt and a sweater.
Matilde: here you are, maestro, you can wear this for now while your clothes are being dried, these belong to my son in law, naturally they are clean and ironed.
Piano teacher: well I would hope so!
Scene changes: the piano teacher is sitting at the piano beside Angela wearing a shirt with sleeves longer than his arms. He puts his hands on the keyboard and the cuffs almost cover his hands: he looks seriously at Angela and rolls up his sleeves solemnly:
Piano teacher : and now let's begin to play…. Without laughing!
Scene changes: the piano teacher goes away and says hello to Ettore at first shaking his hand, he looks at him seriously and then bursts out laughing .
Ettore waves back, amused at the fact that the piano teacher has a sense of humour, and that he is not at all offended by what has happened .
Scene changed: everyone is sitting at the table at lunch time waiting for grandpa: he walks in solemnly wearing a blue jacket with a big red cross and a diagonal strip on it, the uniform of a voluntary beneficial association; everybody claps their hands, 12 year old Angela as well, more then the others.
Matilde: it's a great honour for you to be called by the mayor of our city to become the manager of the biggest voluntary association in the place.
Ettore: yes.. maybe because they needed an idiot to work free to set up and better the organization, so they called me.
Matilde: but as I understand you'll be helping out as well.
Ettore: surely, Seneca used to say "the word convinces but the example spurs you on"
Angela (sadly) grandpa, but aren't you going to stay with me then?
Ettore: I'll stay with you always, after school we'll be together in the afternoon, we'll do your homework together, play chess, go for walks with grandma we'll cook and naturally dance.
Angela : thank goodness
Having said that Ettore sits at the table near Angela squeezing her nose between his thumb and his finger.
Ettore: look I got your nose don't you want to check if it's still there?
Angela :I'm not checking any more, grandpa, because I am 12 years old, not 3 or 4! (smiling)
Matilde: stop squeezing her nose you could hurt her with those big hands.
Miriam : mom, if you remember he always did it to me when I was small and he never hurt me… (smiling) I'll tell you, lately he has done it to me a couple of times.
Miriam looks at her father affectionately, smiles to him.
Scene changes. The scene goes back to the initial one: everybody gets up and walks out of the living room; Angela and Albert seen from behind walking on the grass holding each other.
Angela :it's true, you look a bit like my grandfather and now that my mother makes me notice it I love you even more if that's possible
Albert : (kidding) you and your mother have made me jealous of your grandpa, but good grief didn't he have any faults?
Angela :Yes, he really liked women and women really liked him… mom has suffered because of it.. but no more than she should have, she had her life, her friends and didn't dedicate herself entirely to him. Maybe it was both their fault that their relationship was troublesome, I faintly remember their discussions because my mother told me that when I was born they became a lot sweeter and reversed all their love on me
Albert : I think if a man likes women it is not at all a fault, if it's true that the love you receive betters people, then I can understand why you're the best person in the world (they kiss tenderly)
Angela resumes her story again:
Angela : He knew how to do every thing he was incredibly good! And I'm not saying this because I loved him come and see…
They both walk towards a shed at the far end of the villa, Angela opens the door:
Angela : look at this boat…. I was there while he was making it …. Now you have to learn to drive it, because my father doesn't like boating, neither does my mother or my grandmother. My grandfather and I were the only boat and sea lovers.
Albert : I love the sea, and I don't have to learn to drive a boat because I have a nautical license that allows me to drive boats a lot bigger than this one!
Angela : You never told me that!
Albert : because you never asked me!
Angela : this is a real surprise and you can't imagine how happy it makes me because every time I looked at the shed I would think about grandpa and the times I spent with him fishing at the sea. I never thought I would be able to go back on it being that everyone in the family gets sea-sick!
Albert : well as you know, I live by the sea, that's where my home town is and I used to fish with the fishing rod really well…I can't wait to go and fish where you and your grandfather did.
Angela : It's obvious that you are the perfect man for me, we'll go exactly there where my grandfather used to take me…. I remember once, we stayed the whole day on the boat, it was a beautiful day. We didn't even realize that we had been at sea from nine in the morning till five in the evening without even eating or feeling the need to.
Scene changes.: Angela as a youngster, sitting on the boat with her fishing rod and Ettore on the other side of the boat with his own fishing rod, both fishing without results.
Ettore: today the fish are not hungry.. but can you feel the serenity ? Everything is dead calm…. When the sea is as still as glass, it seems like it's talking to you…. listen to its voice … you don't know what it is saying but it gives you an incredible serenity. You feel immersed in universal love.. closer to God.
Angela: it's true grandpa…. I can hear the voice of the sea! …. Grandpa…grandpa! I caught a fish… look how it's pulling…
Ettore: Beginner's luck! Give me the rod
Angela: not on your life! I'm pulling it in besides, I'm not a beginner … I'm just a lot better than you at fishing!
Ettore: now, thank to this fish, I can't hear the voice of the sea anymore (jokingly) and frankly I'm jealous and not at all at ease….. I have gone fishing all my life, I got your rod and your bait ready for you and you're the one that catches the fish instead of me!
Angela: (smiling ironically) you see, grandpa, it's how you fish that makes all the difference… now if I catch another one don't get angry.
Ettore: Of course I will (jokingly) but on a second thought I take all the credit because I'm the one who taught you so well ( the two look at each other and smile)
After a few moments of silence, the camera zooms backward, you see the boat in the middle of the glass-like sea with Angela and Ettore fishing both wearing very funny identical hats while in crescendo you hear the musical piece by Schumann
Track n° 3 "children games" by Schumann
The scene turns again with Angela and Albert:
Angela : my grandfather died only six months ago in his sleep, like he always wanted to, and I cant' find any fault in him. I remember that night distinctively, I woke up suddenly….
Scene changes: Angela' bedroom: Angela wakes up and runs towards her grandfather's bedroom
Angela : grandpa!.. grandpa!!!
Matilde: ( who is sleeping there also) Angela what's wrong did you have a nightmare?
Angela runs towards her grandfather and continues to call him loudly: Matilde realizing that Ettore doesn't answer gets up from her bed
Matilde: my God, Ettore.. Ettore!! hurry Angela call mom call an ambulance!!
Scene changes:: operating room in a hospital: the same elderly doctor that spoke on the day Ettore retired, takes off his green mask and glasses:
Elderly doctor :dear colleagues our dear Ettore has passed away…..
The woman with the red hair the one who kissed him lovingly, takes her mask off and deeply moved caresses his forehead. She has a very painful expression… long time memories … her beautiful green eyes filled with tears.
Scene changes: funeral home: Ettore is in an open casket lined with white satin: relatives and friends all around; Angela enters crying
Angela : Please, I want to be left alone with my grandpa just a few minutes.
Everybody leaves the room realizing her great sadness. Angela places her hands on either side of the casket, with a crying voice:
Angela : dear sweet grandpa (and touches his A shaped spot on his forehead) I'm not the angel that you said I was…you are the angel that came from above to give me all… I cant' believe that I won't be able to see you again, my love will never die…because its' immense and the Lord up above won't let it die… I'll always keep you in my heart, I'll always speak to you and you will always be with me and you will listen to me with that wonderful smile that was part of me and that has always been with me.. I'm certain ..and I want to be certain with all my might that we will see each other and be together again.. thank you dear grandpa…. I love you very much and always will. ( she cries her eyes out ) Miriam, the mother enters quietly and hugs Angela . while you hear:
Track N° 6 "sad waltz" by sibelius
The scene goes back to the previous one, where Angela is talking to Albert
Angela : I still suffer a lot when I think about him… but the pain ends when I feel his presence near me and I'm so sure of it, I often speak to him out loud. He was a little strange lately, before his death because of an incredible episode that happened to him, but I have never known quite what is was all about. He had told me that this was why he had gone to the States alone and had stayed there about a month giving us explanations that we never believed and that was the first time that he lied. A little while after he died but before that he told us that he had to go to Greece to visit a graveyard in Missolungi.
Albert : did he ever tell you the reason why he wanted to go to Greece?
Angela : no, he didn't want to talk about it.
Scene changed: the whole family is present: Angela (as an adult) Miriam with her husband Massimo, and Matilde everyone is sitting around grandpa Ettore
Miriam : dad.. you know… everyone wants to know why you went to the States for a month on your own! You always said that you wanted to go with mom and Angela….instead you left, as you said, for a personal spiritual need?! Being that you can't lie very well, it's obvious that there is another reason… what is it.. mom even thought that you went with another woman!
Ettore shows embarrassment , he feels under fire but he is firmly determined not to answer
Angela : grandpa, if you went there with another woman I swear I could kill you because you would no longer be the man I always knew!
Ettore: No my child! I swear to God that I didn't go with another woman and you know that I am very religious.
Angela : (very reassured) I believe you grandpa, I could have never killed you for any reason; I'll always be your baby even at 80 years old, but I realize that there is a serious reason that made you go away and that worries me.
Matilde: (addressing the family) he is as hard headed as always he'll never tell us anything!
Ettore: (speaking to Miriam ironically) of course your mother is as sweet as always! I'll have you known for now that there is a very serious reason that has nothing to do with my physical or mental health; when I'll become spiritually ready I'll let you know, first of all I'll have to visit the graveyard in Missolungi in Greece.
Massimo : (opening his arms) Ettore things are becoming complicated! Now you're talking about Greece… graveyards… Missolungi .. are you feeling ok?
Ettore: never been better!
Angela : Grandpa I'm convinced that after a while you'll tell me everything,
Scene changes: Angela and Albert alone in the villa's garden:
Angela: then grandpapa died and didn't go to Greece. He told us about this trip to the States and of a letter that he had mailed to some people but we have never known anything about what it said and he never told us about the reason for wanting to go to Missolungi. I'll always have this regret with me all my life, because I'm certain that it was very important for my grandfather and I'm certain that sooner or later he would have revealed this secret, but now I will never know.
Scene changes: Angela and Albert's wedding day: everybody is all dressed in light summer clothes. The reception has been catered in the family's villa.
Everything is very lovely, refined. The bride is in a modern long white dress, Albert in black with a particular high neck jacket embroidered in black satin, very elegant. Everybody is sitting at the horse shoe shaped table; Angela's parents Massimo and Miriam with grandma Matilde on Angela' side and Albert's parents (George and Sally) very young distinguished looking are sitting next to him. The bride and groom cut the cake toats and greetings are directed to them by everyone. Immediately next to the bride there's an empty place with the proper table setting with two red roses on the plate.
There's a relaxed atmosphere, it's warm, the men take off their jackets, it's the time for speeches:
George: (Albert's father) dear Massimo, Miriam, Matilde, and Angela, I know you only through Albert' words but you are a lot better than my wife and I ever imagined. We're very happy and proud to be part of this reality, in the short span of time that we were together we realized that you have solid values and feelings, that Angela expresses in the highest form. The union of these two people has united our families as well and that for us means new heart felt relations but also intellectual and moral growth. Also I would like to point out that Angela is one of the few women that I know to have a strong sense of humour…. aside from my wife. A sense of humour is not only amusing but denotes vivid intelligence. It's a natural quality that cannot be acquired therefore precious.
Everybody claps.
Massimo: dear newlyweds, dear Sally and George, first of all I'd like to say that I agree with what George has said about the newlyweds. This marriage as a collateral has united two families. The affinities described by Goethe are highly verified in our case. I also want to underline Angela's great heart and that of her mother, my wife Miriam: as you see that empty place near Angela is in remembrance of Angela's grandfather, Ettore, a man that was impossible not to love. He was my father in law, but not for me; he was like an older brother that I've never had. On that plate there are two red roses, that was his favourite flower; two, because to him it was a perfect number that indicates male and female, night and day, the sun and the moon, the Yng and Yang and so on. His passing away left us a particular gift: his strong personality often has shadowed my mother in law Matilde, who superficially had an antagonistic attitude towards him and often hid her great qualities and innermost feelings; but now we have realized who she really is and love her even more.
Matilde cries and Angela runs to hug her; everybody applauds.
Scene changes: a luxurious car is moving away from the big gate at the villa with the newlyweds inside, after having kissed and hugged relatives and friends..
Scene changed: some time has gone by, it's late afternoon, in the fall, Angela, Albert, Matilde and Massimo sit around the table playing cards. The bell rings and Albert goes to open the gate, a beautiful woman, dark hair, intense expression, is standing there.
The Woman: excuse me, I'm Jennifer Carter and I'm looking for doctor . Ettore Rinaldi…
Albert: yes he lived here, unfortunately he passed away less than two years ago.
Jennifer: my God
Jennifer looks at her husband astonished while he gets out of the car with a baby no more than a few months old in his arms.
Matilde: (from a far) Albert who is it ?
Albert: it's Jennifer Carter
Matilde: Jennifer Carter? Let her in!
Matilde, Angela, and Massimo look at each other surprised. Jennifer holds her baby in her arms while her husband; Carl, gets the baby stroller out of the rented car and they all proceed towards the house.
Angela, Matilde and Massimo stand up astonished.
Massimo: why it's the actress in "Atlas"?
Miriam: yes it's really her! That's strange! Maybe she made a mistake; Sting lives near here maybe she's one of his guest
Massimo: wow! What a woman!
Miriam: Massimo! Get hold of yourself please!
Angela: Sting has nothing to do with this she probably came from her country for grandpa.
Jennifer: sorry to bother you I'm Jennifer Carter, this is my husband Carl and this is my son Ector.
Everybody is getting curious, Angela's intuition is beginning to tell her something.
Everybody: (one at the time) pleasure is all ours, we know who you are and we're your fans
Jennifer: I came here from the States to meet doctor Ettore Rinaldi, but this gentleman has told me that he passed away and you cannot imagine how sorry I am:
Angela: (gets up from the chair) you met my grandfather ?
Jennifer: just barely, he came on the set at the studio as an onlooker in the place and at break I noticed him because he was the only stranger in the place, and also because I liked the expression on his face. He told me that he wanted to see the inside of a movie studio out of curiosity and that he had a pass because he was a medical doctor. Then he disappeared. I never saw him again; in my town, people remember doctor Rinaldi when he came.. and my father,, of course, spoke to me about to him…
Scene changed: Ettore enters in a bar with pool tables and sits at the bar and asks the bar tender
Ettore: please, do you know Billy Carter?
A man interrupts and sits beside Ettore
The man : who are you! we don't want nosy people around here!
Ettore: well sir, I come from Italy and I would like to talk with this person
The man :I told you we don't want nosy people around here! Do you understand, or do I have to tell you in other ways
The man pours his beer on Ettore; the robust bar tender throws himself on the man.
Bar tender: we're tired of your behaviour, get out of here and don't ever come back!
Grabs the man and violently throws him out of the door. The man falls down and suddenly Ettore helps him to get up, the man looks at Ettore surprised while dusting off his trousers.
Ettore: come , my friend I'll offer you a beer, I want you to be able to come back in this beautiful place again.
Ettore puts his hand on the man's shoulder and they both walk into the bar.
Ettore: barman, two beers please for me and my new friend
They both sit at the bar drink their beer while people around express admiration for Ettore's behaviour
The man :I'm sorry, excuse me , I behaved in a silly way. It is only that lately a lot of people have bothered my friend Billy
Bar tender: here is your beer and thank this guy for the lesson.. anyway, welcome back.
The man : Billy Carter? Everyone knows him because he is Jennifer Carter's father.
Bar tender: she's that famous actress on the soap opera "Atlas" seen all around the world, she 's the pride and joy of our town they live to the right at number 25
Ettore: Thank you… I see that you have pool tables, do you have the ones for the Italian pool game? Being that I'm not in a hurry I'd like to play a game with one of your guests.
Bar tender: certainly, it's the last one over there they'll be glad to play with you, but I warn you they play really well over there and the bets are usually very high
Ettore gets up and shakes the man's hand.
The man : sir, thank you for the beer.. and excuse me again..
Ettore: no problem.... thank you for keeping me company
Ettore goes towards the pool table where two men are playing, the barman says to them:
Bar tender: this gentleman would like to play a game with you don't shake him too hard (kiddingly)
First player : please to meet you I'm Tony
Ettore: hi, I'm Ettore
Tony : you are a foreigner, aren't you? where do you come from?
Ettore: I come from a little town near Florence, Italy.
Tony : Oh Florence, beautiful city.. you behaved like a real gentleman with Arnold… that's the way he is .. but he's not as bad as he seems … but now we want to see how you play.
They start to play and after a few shots Tony realizes that Ettore is much better than him: everyone comes around to look at them play: after a while and as the score is greatly in Ettore's favour, Tony accepts his defeat and shakes Ettore's hand.
Tony : We need someone like Julius here, if you wait a minute he owns a store right across from this bar
Tony calls him on the cell phone
Tony :he's coming right away
After a while Julius arrives, he is about 45 years old, tall gentle manners, and determined.
Tony: ( with respect) Julius, this is the Italian I told you about, he's right for you.
Julius : honoured shall we start right away? Do you play for money or for sport?
Ettore: better play for sport because by the looks of you I believe to have very little chances for winning
Julius : until now, very few have made it.. put the balls on the carpet and you may go first.
The first shots are in Julius' favour, and he's having a good time trying to make things difficult for Ettore who is trying hard, and has a very serious expression on his face, while Julius smiles amused, a smile that is immediately wiped away by Ettore's shot that hits the five sides of the pool table and makes him the leader in the score. The game proceeds with high and lows, very intensely. The first match is won by Julius, barely; the second by Ettore by a large span. Julius shakes Ettore's hand with respect. Everybody applauds.
Julius : I didn't think you could play that well where did you learn? Because I realize that you play like a real pro.
Ettore: I'm a medical doctor, I was the top manager at the hospital, and every day at the two hour lunch break we would play pool on the pool table in the doctors' quarters and I wasn't even the best. That is all.
Julius : my compliments, you're really good, you can see that you have a surgeon's hand. My son studies medicine and I'd be happy if you accept a dinner invitation at my house.
Ettore: I accept with pleasure, I'm here to visit Mr. Billy Carter for a personal matter. He doesn't know me and this makes me feel uneasy.
Julius : Billy is a good friend of mine, he's Jennifer Carter's father, you know the actress…
Ettore: yes, I know her very well, we see the television series "Atlas" in Italy as well.
Julius : I'll present you to Billy.
At lunch, Julius' house ; Julius sits at the head of the table, Ettore at the other end, Julius' wife Jenny and son Marcus sit on either side. It's obvious that the family has an attitude of superiority in relation to Ettore, being that he was invited there as a pool player.
Jenny : Julius told me that you're a doctor, is that true?
Ettore: (a little surprise) of course it's true
Jenny : (very haughty) you see dear sir, my husband has invited here an electronic engineer, an industrial manager, an ex senator even a scientist, but they were none other than professionals of the pool game with whom my husband lost a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money.
Ettore: That's not my case.
Marcus intervenes promptly to try to embarrass Ettore.
Marcus: my father told me you directed a hospital… I study medicine…
I'd like you to explain an argument in health economy that I haven't understood very well: what is "break even point"
Ettore: the analysis of the convenience in producing or buying service that are done in a hospital centre starts from an examination of the budget of the places whose responsibility determines speed and facility. These places are none other than centres of production for tariffed activities and they also present the corresponding prices for the same activities produced outside of the hospital centre. Generally you calculate the "break even point" by placing on a Cartesian diagram on an axis of abscissa, the quantity of product and on the ordinate their relative values: with these characteristics you determine the curve of the variable costs, of the invariable costs, of the total costs, and the tariffs external to the hospital centre for the purchase of the same quantity of product. The intersection between the curve of the total costs and that determined by the tariffs is the Break Even Point. For the production of minor quantities at the point of intersection in which the curve of total costs for the internal production is superior to the tariffs for the same services produced externally, it is convenient to buy the goods or the services instead of producing them; for greater quantities in respect to Break Even Point the contrary happens.
My dear son I think you have understood this simple theory because if you haven't maybe you should consider abandoning your medical studies and help your parents in that beautiful store.
Everyone remains impressed, and the initial haughty attitude disappears and changes into a humble admiration towards the guest.
Ettore looks at everyone as if he had just explained a very simple thought.
Julius interrupts, proud of his guest, that has made a hit with his family.
Julius : and he is also a magnificent player!
Jenny gets up and asks Ettore if he would like a coffee.
Ettore: (little amused) Thank you I'd love a cup
Jenny : I'll try to make it as you do in Italy
Ettore: oh, it doesn't matter even in the American way… it was a lovely lunch and wonderful company, I'll keep in touch because as of now you're all invited to my little villa in Florence, in the countryside
Everybody: (happily) certainly… oh Florence what a beautiful city! We wanted to go next year
Ettore: Julius has my address, now I have to go because I have to see Billy Carter have to give him a message personally
Jenny : Julius better take you there because he is a friend and also they have become very reserved and weary of others since their daughter Jennifer became famous. They continually receive visits and phone calls from all types of strange people so that's understandable.
Scene changed: Ettore and Julius ring the door bell at Billy's house and a distinct man appears
Billy: hi Julius
Julius : Hi, Billy, I'd like to present you a friend of mine, an illustrious doctor from Florence.
Billy: please come in
Julius : I have to go back home, I have some things to do, see you Ettore.. it was a pleasure knowing you.
Ettore: me too.
Billy and Ettore go into the living room and sit down on the couch, they're joined by Billy's wife Pat.
Billy: I know who you are and why you came here
He gets up and opens a drawer from which he picks up an envelope
Billy: this is the letter that you wrote to us, and with all due respect, we don't believe a word of it even though we realize now that we met you, that what you said about yourself is true.
Ettore: let me ask you a question: what reason could I have in telling you such a story being that I didn't know Jennifer, nor you, nor your wife, how do you explain this coincidence?
Billy: Well… I don't know.. I see that the A shaped spot on your forehead exists, and we know that Jennifer's second name is Anna, like we call her.
Her wife Pat: maybe it's a tattoo
Ettore: No madam It is a small angioma that I have from birth and I am honest enough not to draw people's attention by such means.
Billy: we believe you but put yourself in our position, how can we believe a story like that?
Ettore: You are right…….. but I'm not a fool, nor do I suffer from illusions of grandeur or from perversions and I'm no longer enchanted by the female attributes of any woman, … but I would like to know Jennifer's thoughts on the matter.
Pat: Jennifer is very busy and doesn't have a minute of free time, if she had to answer all the mail that she receives she would have no time for anything else.
Ettore: (gets up) well maybe its' just as well I'll keep this story locked up inside of me, hoping that I'll forget what has happened to me, see you and I am sorry. Mr. Billy, aside from everything that has happened I wish we could have been friends … sorry for the bother.
Billy: no bother… and as for the friendship… you never know.
Scene changed: a Hollywood studio: Ettore comes in, from the main door and asks the doorman to ask permission to assist to the film making.. the doorman picks up the phone and after a short time a very elegant business like man appears
Businessman: can I help you?
Ettore: I'd like to see the filmmaking in the studio
Businessman: that's impossible.
Ettore: excuse me if I insist, I'm writing a script for a movie and I'd like to watch for a professional outlook …. This is my ID, as medical doctor a degree that is recognized by the US as well and that gives me access to any kind of show as a spectator.
Businessman: wait, I'll ask
After a while another person comes along older and well dressed;
2nd Businessman: I am told that you're a doctor, could I see your medical identification please…… ok…. You can stay over there but you have to keep still and silent, leave your ID at the reception where they'll give you a card that you'll have to wear outside the pocket of your jacket.
Ettore arrives on the set following the man who tells him where to stand then shakes Ettore's hand and goes away nodding to him to be silent. The actors on the scene yell and shout their action scene…
The movie director: ok, 15 minute break.
People start relaxing and talking among themselves, some sit, adjust their clothing. Except for the actors, the troupe is in casual clothing and that allows Ettore's elegant clothes to be even more showy.
Jennifer Carter looks at him carelessly, but on a second thought, she look at him again, she turns around, stops for a moment and looks at him again. Then with indifference she speak to the director, obviously asking about Ettore.
The director looks at Ettore and shrugs his shoulders, not knowing who he is.
Jennifer pretends to be indifferent and while chatting with an actor she come closer towards Ettore, turns to look at him and with typical female curiosity she looks at him again with a faint smile.
Jennifer: hello, looking for someone?
Ettore: no thank you, I'm here as a tourist.
Jennifer: it's odd that you were allowed to get in
Ettore: I'm a medical doctor and as such I'm allowed to go almost anywhere, being that I could be useful anytime.
Jennifer nods her head, then she looks at a little angioma on his forehead as if an indefinite and instant thought was passing trough her mind.
Jennifer: good bye, have to work
Ettore: see you again Jennifer.
Jennifer hearing that he called her by her first name, looks at him questioningly, they both wave to each other, Jennifer is amused.
Scene changed: shooting stops on the set for lunch break, Jennifer looks towards the spot where she last saw Ettore but he's not there anymore, with a light smile shakes her head and continues talking to her colleagues while walking out of the set.
Scene changes:
Angela: he told us about it even though we never knew the real reason about his trip to the States.
Jennifer: in this letter that doctor Rinaldi has sent to my father, as you see it's a long ten page letter, the secret that you want to know is fully documented, this coincides with my reason for the trip to Italy but beforehand I would like to know everything about him, I need to know all about him and I'll explain why later on.
Angela: he was an exceptional man and he had an extraordinary relationship with me. Even without seeing him, I always knew when he was around and he seemed to realize it because when I would look at him, suddenly, he always had a wonderful intriguing smile on his face that I'll never forget. There was telepathy between us. Once, when he came back from the States, I hadn't seen him over a month, I was playing in a concert in our town theatre; I was playing music from Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven.
There was a piece of music that my grandfather loved so much, "Rustle of Spring" by Sinding, that wasn't on the list..
Concert scene with Angela at the piano playing " Rondo in la minor" opera 511
by Mozart; she plays it for about 30 seconds, after that, Angela stops and has a faint smile and her eyes are full of joy, being sure of Ettore's presence, always looking at the keyboard she interrupts for 5 or 6 seconds and starts to play
Track n° 7 of cd "rustle of spring"
by sinding
from beginning to end. Then you see Ettore smiling as he enters the theatre . Everybody is wondering why the sudden change in the programme Even backstage you can see people looking at each other bewildered. Ettore moves near the stage to be as close as possible to Angela who looks at him smiling while she masterly plays her grandfather's favourite musical piece. When she ends everyone understands that the musical piece not in the programme was meant for that man looking at her standing by the stage; the audience gives a standing applause, Angela stands up as well nodding towards her grandfather letting everyone know who the musical piece was dedicated to.
The previous scene returns when Angela is telling Jennifer.
Jennifer: fate did not mean for us to meet, I'd give anything to go back to that fleeting moment to be able to know him. I believe that for you, to have lived with him, was an extremely fortunate experience. Now I know that, what at first seemed to my father and I, the story of a deranged person is really true. Anyway I came here for another strange coincidence as well that I'll show you… but before tell me more about Ettore.
Angela: a particular trait of his personality come to mind from an episode that he told us about when he went to the States, even though this wasn't the real reason as to why he went there, nor the essential one.
I don't know if this was a fault in my grandfather's personality but he was tenaciously obstinate as well as incredibly naïve. The reason for his trip to the States was this as well: he told me that he had to confer with the head people responsible for worldwide politics, in order to give his contribution to world peace , against wars, torture, death penalty and against any kind of abuse perpetrated by any nation against any other nation for any reason.
What for any normal human being appeared incredible, to him it was the most normal thing in the world, especially when the issue at stake had to do with concepts of values, principles and morals. He knew no obstacles…. He told me once how he succeeded in speaking with the secretary general of the United Nations… an incredible story, as incredible as he was… When he arrived at the reception of United Nations' building….
Scene changes: entrance of the United Nations' building. Ettore is seen from behind , he is speaking to an usher, the usher calls someone on the phone, to come to the entrance, after a while the man shows up and tries to tell Ettore that he cannot enter, Ettore insists, another man intervenes, and tries to calm him down tries to make him understand that what he wants is not possible, Ettore insists again, at that point the security guards intervene and invite Ettore to leave the premises. Ettore does not move until a police car comes around and forces him inside.
The scene is in the office of the police chief in the police station.
Police chief : so you say you're a doctor and you're on a mission and that's why you want to confer with the secretary general of the United Nations.
Ettore: Exactly !
Police chief : do you want to speak with the president of United States? And with uncle Tom?
Ettore: you're very funny and by the looks of you I can tell that you're the type that uses force on people even when you don't have to, as in my case.
Police chief :I think you should know, dear "doctor", that you say you are, that we lose precious time with mad, deranged people as you, that believe to have a mission to accomplish, claiming the right to bother people in high up offices for one reason only, to get personal publicity. And I don't want to further this discussion any longer. I think you should be ashamed to behave like that at your age: for now we have to hold you to verify who you are and being that we're not violent we'll allow you to call up your lawyer or your embassy
To days later in the some office the police chief speaks to one his officers showing him an article in the newspaper.
Police chief : well, look here! It seems that this Italian is really a doctor, and a very famous individual in the field of economic health! The chancellor of the university of Yale himself has given this information to the press and personally guarantees for him being that he has published a few books and presented them at Yale! Look here!... it says that we have committed an aggression… send him away, I'm fed up!
The officer: do you think we should? Send him away now? The press is outside the door and they are not on our side.
Police chief : we'll send him away now, but first of all tell him to come here
Ettore walks in accompanied by the officer.
Police chief : you are free to go, but first of all you have to know that we risk our lives every day for the security of everyone in our territory being them citizens, doctors foreigners or street cleaners, tell the press that! It was our duty to take you out of the United Nations building because people do not have written on their face who they are and with all this terrorism even people like you might be dangerous. This newspaper article that you have inspired, is shameful.
Because the police station and the police do not deserve to be described in such a way now please leave!
Ettore: I find that you are right. Please allow me to say a few things: I called the chancellor at Yale because he was a colleague that had come to Italy for a series of studies, therefore he was the only one that could confirm my identity and could guarantee my mental heath. I didn't inspire this article because I'm aware of the fact that your sacrifice and sense of duty and the service you bestow to the community are fundamental. It will be my duty to inform the press that I have been treated civilly and that you had good reasons for doing what you did . I hate every form of speculation and this article is an example. To morrow, there will be another article in the newspaper and that will be inspired by me.
Police chief: I thank you, I see with pleasure that you are an honest man.
Even though I haven't quite understood the reason why you wanted to enter in the United Nations building… It is my duty to inform you that I have to know where you reside and about your every move while you are here.
Ettore: to morrow in the newspaper you'll read about my reason for wanting to meet with the secretary general of U.N., as to where I'm residing while in the States, I am at the Ritz hotel on 5th street.
Day after, in the police chief's office, the police chief with a newspaper in his hands is talking to the same officer of the day before:
Police chief: our friend has kept his word. Look how nice this article is about us, it doesn't happen everyday that the press writes like that about us. Give me the phone number at the Ritz Hotel….. thank you, with the excuse that I have to check up on him I'll thank him….. hello… this is the police station, I'd like to speak with doctor Rinaldi……What?.....are you sure?....(speaking to the officer) they told me that doctor Rinaldi has been convoked by the secretary general of the UN, they said that the invitation is authentic…. incredible!
Scene changes: office of the secretary general of the UN, an official accompanies Ettore inside the office.
Secretary general: Please sit down, I read in the paper about your adventures while trying to see me and your lovely article in defence of the police; anybody would have written exactly the opposite.. you must have important things to tell me being that you are in your right mind.
Ettore: for me, to be here speaking to you is, believe me, a great privilege, but the reason that has made me come here is due to my great anxiety for the international situation. I'll be relieved of that only after I have given you some recommendations.
Secretary general: let's hear them. To day is my free day so I have all the time to listen to you.
Ettore: I believe that the UN's first duty is to avoid wars, any kind of war should be outlawed, regardless of who where, or why they have begun and for have whatever reason they have begun.
Secretary general: (ironically) ah good idea, and what would you do in my place.
Ettore: maybe I would try to do a bit more ( the secretary's smile fades away) I would start from a general reform of the organization, being that it is not longer in keeping with our time:
1st) I would eliminate the security council and attribute full power to the
assembly through a new statute in which all the various types of majorities are indicated as necessary, in order to take the most dissimilar decisions. The majorities would range in order of importance from a simple majority to a more qualified majority and a closely unanimous majority. I would exclude from the decisions all those resolutions that would create unfavourable or dangerous situations to one or more states.
2nd) I would reform the whole bureaucratic apparatus, reducing it to the least essential create the utmost automation in the service department and drastically eliminate useless and unnecessary expenses.
3rd) I would introduce a rule that all states have to respect: they should carry out free elections through universal suffrage to elect their own political authorities for the government of each state for a period of seven years at the most and not immediately renewable. Every state must allow the control commission, decided by the assembly representing at least seven states members, to guarantee that the local citizens have regular and proper elections.
4th) every state should be under the obligation to be part of the assembly of the U.N. in order to have the benefit of protection and international recognition . They must also contribute to the organizational expenses in due time, and in relation to their population and their economic weight.
5th) Abolish torture and the death penalty
6th) create an executive commission elected by the assembly to last for7 years, their function being that of carrying out the assembly deliberations. The assembly should have the right to substitute the commission members partially or totally at any moment motivating the change.
7th) the UN should have the possibility to become the executive power in those member states that have created serious and dangerous situations like discrimination and genocide.
8th)election of the secretary general; his duty should be to preside the assembly and the executive commission. His mandate should last seven years but the assembly should have the right to decide on his immediate removal through the qualified majority with the obligation to motivate such an action: The assembly can also elect him again for another seven years.
9th) every resolution approved by the UN should become "erga omnes" obligatory.
10th) An international police force should be created through the armed forces of each member state and this should be at the disposal of the executive commission to impede international conflict, and the abuse of power and violence.
To defend the population of the weakest and to advocate the power of reason against force.
11th) all the armed forces of the different member states should furnish the necessary instruments as in an orchestra directed by the secretary general that from time to time will choose the necessary players and instruments in the use of force.
The use of force will be the very last choice accepted only after the ultimate analysis of every other option available has been tried and found useless in resolving the international controversy and creating peace.
The existing international organism like FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF and so on should have more power and be available to the assembly with their assigned economic balance sheet.
13th) Declaration of the fundamental principles that every member state must respect in relation to civil and peaceful cohabitation within each state and among states in the world.
14th) Eliminate the principle of "non interference in the internal affairs" of those states that harm or don't respect the fundamental rights of the individual.
Secretary general: I see that you live in an utopia. If utopia would equal realty I'm sure that you could do better than me, as you said.
Maybe you don't realize the great difference in tradition and culture existing among various states, do you have any idea how unsettling your proposal is? Some of those proposals are operating right now. You seemed an intelligent person, this is what I thought reading the newspaper.
Ettore: Mr secretary, aside from any personal evaluation, even Cesare Beccaria's idea against the death penalty, at the time, was considered pure utopia and the various states continued for a long period of time the death penalty. But to day in our great and civil European Union the death penalty has been abolished, so I believe that universal principles which every peace loving person accepts should be proposed, advertised and allowed to spread and if at first not successful, reproposed again with modifications. We should never stop and give up. At first a minority will consider them, but continuing this effort, sooner or later every civil state will come around to respect and accept the principles of peaceful cohabitation in the realm of a universal justice; and being that time betters humanity as history shows proposals far better than these will be universally approved and put into action. The important thing is to start to let everyone know about the existence of such principles, to induce people who don't agree to realize the responsibility that their stand entails. To try to understand the reasons for their dissent and help them to accept at least part of these proposals, for now, and gradually help them along until they fully accept universally fundamental principles of civil cohabitation.
Secretary general: ( in silence touches his chin, with a light smile, seems to agree) let's go and have a coffee ( at the bar in the building) how do you want your coffee American style or Italian style like I do.
Ettore: the way you prefer is fine with me. I thank you so much for receiving me, it was a great honour, and I am sorry if I was a little arrogant, I shouldn't have been. I really admire you not only for the position that you hold but for your extreme kindness.
Secretary general: well, I was a little harsh with you myself. My secretary will see you out , I'll keep your ideas in mind because I really like them. You are a very particular person and it would please me to see you again if you can make it through the barriers that keep me prisoner.
Scene changes: scenes goes back to the Rinaldi house with Angela, Jennifer, Carl, the baby, Miriam Matilde and Albert.
Jennifer: here is the letter that doctor Rinaldi mailed my father
Scene changes: Ettore is at the computer writing the letter to Billy Carter: you can hear Ettore's voice, when he writes:
In the letter: dear Mr. Billy Carter through internet research I found your address and have also found that you are Jennifer Carter's father, I am Ettore Rinaldi. First of all let me say that before all the strange happenings that fell on me out of the blue, I have never known about your daughter's existence, being that I do not usually watch television. To assure you that it is not a letter from some kind of fanatic or fool or strangely perverted man, I'm sending along my curriculum with relative addresses so that you'll be able to check my authenticity and good faith. Here is also a picture of me that is particularly significant in explaining the episode that I have experienced. As you can read from my curriculum now that I have retired I have become president of a non profit benefit organization that assists hopelessly ill patients.
Scene changed (a story inside a story): in an ambulance you see Ettore and the driver in his uniform already seen in the previous scene.
Ettore: Alfredo take this stuff
The two enter a house in the county with a small suitcase. It's a two storey house; a lady on the ground floor gives Ettore the keys to the first floor.
The lady: (elderly) here you are doctor, to day she's a little worse, she hasn't eaten anything in two days and she refuses to drink
Ettore: we'll give her a strong sedative for the pain and a glucose solution to give her strength
The lady: if you say so doctor… but I don't know if it's useful to prolong her suffering.
The two walk up to the first floor and go in the room, furnished with antique pieces; on a bed there's an old lady, around eighty years of age, very thin with large wide open eyes, her features are antique and noble.
Ettore: how are you to day Marta?
Marta: feel bad doctor…bad… I feel that I won't last long.
Alfredo in the meantime changes the tube of the intravenous
Ettore: here we are…. you'll see now you'll feel better we gave you a glucose solution as well so that the painkiller we gave you will be reinforced. I'll be back soon to visit you. now I have to go because we have other visits.
Marta: no doctor!..... please stay, I have an important message for you. I am a medium and I have something important to say but we have to be completely alone otherwise the entity will not come. I was given this message and I was really impressed, it was so strangely real that I wasn't aware whether I was sleeping or awake.
Ettore: yes … yes.. sure, now relax, now I have to go to visit other people but I assure you that I'll be back soon
Marta with all her strength grabs Ettore's arm almost making the intravenous needle on her arm fall off .
Marta: doctor, you don't believe me do you? …. Believe me it's a serious matter.
Ettore: (patiently) Alfredo you go on and finish the round, first go and pick up doctor Di Giacomo and take him with you .If you can make it come and pick me up within an hour, otherwise I'll walk, it will do me good.
Ettore: (after the driver has left) tell me pretty lady
The old lady looks intensely at Ettore
Ettore: I'm here, I'm waiting even if you don't have anything to say to me, I'll stay here with you anyway, Happy? I want to say…
Ettore hasn't finished the sentence that the woman grabs his wrist shut her eyes, her body has a tremble and she emits an indistinct sound, while her forehead starts to sweat and she starts speaking with a very different voice , a very clear voice like that of a young woman. Ettore is shocked.
Entity : I have had permission to give you a message through this medium.
We feel your suffering because of the behaviour of others and how you have intimately searched inside yourself, all your life, now she's reborn anew born in different time and in different clothes that you are not allowed to have access to, because the Almighty has plans that we are not allowed to know.
Ettore: Marta! Wake up!!…who are you, tell me who you are!
Entity: don't ask anymore questions there is no time .. Marta will now go in peace now, I have to end this … there is very little time.. in your previous life you had a great love the echo of which is still in the universe that we live in. That love was very brief and ended in the garden of peace of Missolungi: late bride is now a great actress that you'll be able to see in a new form where she pretends to live a life full of horrible violence.
In the future great mission to educate you as child out of these bad habits. Follow the right way and you can teach peace in the world in the far future.
Scene changes: Ettore appears again writing the letter
Ettore: (his voice is heard reading his letter out loud even though his mouth is closed) Dear Billy, I understand perfectly that you will not believe what I am about to tell you as I or anyone else in your place with an average intelligence would not. But it is a liberation for me to share this incredible experience with you and Jennifer. I feel I can only tell you about it being that I don't know you at all. I couldn't possibly share this with my family because strangely I feel that something hinders me from doing it. Believe me, this episode has shocked and worried me profoundly. I have been informed that the language used by the entity is typical of any esoteric message. Their sentences are not easily understandable, at least not immediately, or after when things have already happened. Also they use periphrasis to describe the products of modern technology because they evidently refuse them. You might have noticed that instead of saying television they said "new form where you live a life" of pretending full of horrible violence, because of all the killings reproduced in these unpleasant shows.
Scene changes: medium in trance on the bed:
Entity: you have to remember that now you two are not the same individuals as before, with different destinies now, and its not up to you to explain to Anna, alias Jennifer what we are telling you. She will know from other sources. You receive much grief from the fact that people will not believe what you now know. Speak to those that know how to receive… negative influence not doing or saying to other.
Ettore: (nervously) I don't understand! I don't understand!... who are you… Marta awake!!!
Entity: there is no time…remember… you child follow write.. for your important mission… in your destiny.. the love will win..
The medium (or Marta) picks up an envelope from the table on the other side
of the bed near Ettore and writes with the pencil on the envelope, then gives it to Ettore.
Entity: (solemnly) After the number you will study, now listen, we gladly look at you because you are intelligent and meek,
and just and will enjoy celestial peace with us soon… you have comprehended the great universal love in all its components marital love, fatherly love filial love that you will live again in all forms. Your perennial suffering will end and you will be in peace, with the woman that the Lord has given to you, to understand many things, forgive her faults and forget them….discover her virtues and remember them.
Mechanically Ettore puts the paper in his pocket
Entity: In the right thoughts and in the truths of the Upanishad, through Plato, Aristotele and Pitagora you will go back to be according to their doctrines until you'll be allowed to enjoy the love of the same people dear to you but not the same quality, with the same sign in the forehead, great gift will have the great actress when double your years she'll be half years.
Ettore: how should I call you… I don't understand what you are saying..
Entity: have to go… have to go.. peace be with you.. she's already with us.
Marta opens her eyes stares at the ceiling and lets out a scream as if she had just returned from hell, and all at once she yanks the needle from her arm detaching the connection with the solution that is feeding her.
Ettore tries his best to prevent it but realizes that its' too late. Puts a hand on her forehead
Ettore: Marta…Marta.. for God sake, answer me…
Marta's lifeless body lies still on the bed. Ettore closes her eyes, kisses her on the forehead leaves gently while looking at her for the last time. You can hear the musical piece:
Track n° 6 "sad waltz" by sibelius
Scene changes: Ettore at the computer
Ettore: dear Billy, there is one thing that is clear to me, this woman is not a swindler and is incapable of fraud. I've gone to a famous medium in Turin here in Italy
Scene changes: Ettore sitting by a desk in a studio in front of a middle aged person , white complexion and blue eyes.
Ettore: I am here, not because I need your services as a lawyer, but for your other capacity, that a common friend has spoken to me about, doctor Maurizio Bencini.
The Medium : oh yes….Maurizio…I'm under his care for a very boring diabetes, he is a dear friend, are you a doctor as well?
Ettore: yes, sir.
The Medium : nice profession.. what can I do for you?
Ettore: Maurizio told me that you're a medium, being that he has witnessed a couple of meetings and was amazed at your exceptional qualities
The Medium : no… you see doctor… what did you say your name is?
Ettore: Ettore Rinaldi
The Medium : no .. you see dr. Rinaldi, I don't have any exceptional quality. When I meet for a sitting with others who believe in this, I simply faint and I don't remember anything that I say or do, if I wasn't sure of my friend's good faith maybe I wouldn't believe it myself … there are however, and my friends have confirmed it, some concrete proofs created by the appearance of small objects like rings and necklaces, that turn up in my hands when I'm in trance. See this ring, it's a proof and some specific writings on the issue say that the objects are not created, but transferred from where they have been lost in a state of "res nullius".
These objects are of little commercial value and this is a rule in esoteric nature.
But tell me how can I help you.
Ettore: I received one of these messages from a woman who lived on the outskirts of Florence, she gave it to me in trance, now she has passed away.
The Medium : Marta Goggioli?
Ettore: yes her, how do you know her?
The Medium: it's not odd, proper mediums still living are far and few and we all know each other, I'm sorry that she passed away, although she was getting on with the years….you can be sure that the message you received is not a swindle.
Ettore: look, I wrote it down almost entirely, even that strange language….
The Medium: (putting on his glasses to read the message) yes this is the classical language that is used.
Ettore: frankly, I never believed in this kind of thing but now I'm puzzled
The Medium: (reads silently and nods with his head knowingly) I'll need some time if you don't mind , I'll have to listen to the interpretation of a dear friend of mine who is really exceptional in this field, I assure you complete discretion. If you give me your address I'll answer you by writing.
Ettore: here is my business card, thank you very much, do I owe you?
The Medium: not at all.. say hello to Maurizio if you see him.
Scene changes: on a bench near a table Ettore is reading a letter in the Rinaldi villa. As he reads it you hear the voice of the medium (the lawyer)
The Medium's voice : dear doctor Rinaldi, this is the translation of the message that you received from Marta: naturally you're free to believe or not, but…
Same scene:
Angela: what are you reading, some bad news?
Ettore: of course not, sweety.
Angela: your sweety is very worried about you, lately you've been strange and sad…. You have always said everything to me , do you have health problems that you don't tell us about ?
Ettore: of course not, don't worry I'm fine
Angela: show me the letter that you have just put in your pocket
Ettore: what's this a third degree ? It's a letter from a lawyer friend that takes care of some of my business through his office in Rome, has to do with my pension. See the heading of the letter, "Lawyer Aristide Tanzi"
He folds the letter and put it in his pocket
Angela: then please grandpa, tell me what's bothering you.
Ettore: Angela, it's normal at my age to get depressed every once and then. Atenagora once said the good times and the bad times never last forever.
Angela: (sittings on Ettore's knees hugging him) remember that I'm always near you, I love you and promise me that you'll always tell me everything as you always have
Ettore: (embarrassed) of course… of course
Scene changes: same night Ettore is sitting in his housecoat at the desk in his study at home, reading the lawyer's (medium) letter:
Medium's voice: dear doctor Rinaldi, this is the translation of the message that you received from Marta: naturally you're free to believe it or not; it seems that you are the reincarnation of a man who lived in Greece in the 20s .
He had a wife who is now reincarnated in the actress Jennifer Carter. It was easy to come up with that name from the birth date indicated in this message of an actress that works in a soap opera in television, we realized it through internet on her web site.
3.7.1936 this is your birth date
17.4.1972 this is Jennifer Carter's birth date now:
1+9+3+6= 19
1936+ 36 = 1972
3.6.1921 +
From the numbers we got the following date 3.6.1921 probably the date the Greek married couple died; the cross indicates the burial date in the Missolungi's graveyard in Greece Also through intuition we understand that in 2008 when Jennifer will have a baby she'll be 36 years of age that is half of your age, 72 years then. The other interpretations are often wrong.
Scene changes: Angela in the family villa with Jennifer and the other persons looking at the letter.
Jennifer: Tanzi speaks of a mistake because he didn't want to tell your grandfather about the foreseen death at the time when my son was conceived. Now I really believe that this story doesn't come from a deranged mind, but I'm here to visit you for another strange coincidence that I'll show you, it's incredible!
Angela: My grandpa never told anyone about it and now I can understand why.. but even if it is a strange and incredible episode I would always have believed him fully, because I have always believed in him and I've never been wrong.
Jennifer: now I believe him too and I'm sorry I couldn't tell him
so personally when he was alive…I have another letter, that your grandfather sent to me….. but I cant' show it to anyone because it is strictly personal………… I've got it at home.
Scene changes: you can see Jennifer's face in a different time and in a different place, who reads the letter, before with a light smile and then quite moved . You can hear Ettore's voice while Jennifer reads the letter
Ettore's voice: Dear Mrs. Jennifer Carter, after having sent that letter to your father, dealing with the medium's message, I must say that a strange feeling has overcome me upon seeing your image in the movies. I know that the message of which you and I are aware is incredible but upon seeing a close up of your face and its intense expression, I realize that the message is true. Seeing your face on the screen has made me recollect a time in the past when a woman full of intense love and devotion for a man, hidden in my being, and reborn in myself, has dedicated her infinite love. That wonderful woman is reborn through you and I feel and believe it profoundly.
I hope that you will not believe that is letter is any avowal of love. It is only the need to share a feeling that has tormented me and that comes from a nostalgia of a great love, that has lived and survived death itself. When we met briefly on the set, I felt very intensely the presence of Anna, and I tried very hard not to show the violent beating of my heart. I absolutely do not desire that you feel what I feel. This past love has nothing to do with the present, being that this existence has put us both in very distant places, very different conditions, and has created a far difference in our respective ages. This is why I wish that this be our last and only exclusive contact that I hope you will secretly keep to yourself as I will. Surely my grandaughter Angela would perceive it as a treason of her love for me and I do not want this to happen. I hope not to intrude by saying that I love you deeply because I feel that Jennifer is Anna, the woman that I have deeply loved since time began. What mitigates my suffering in the hope that such great love should survive this lapse of time, and in the future allow our souls to unite again. Yours truly. Ettore Rinaldi.
The previous scene returns
Jennifer: This is my son and we wanted to call him Ector knowing this story.. but now that name has a deep meaning, what before we thought a curious coincidence, is no longer
Jennifer takes the baby out of the carriage, takes his hat off and you can see on his forehead the A shaped spot that Ettore had in his forehead
Angela: oh my God! (she suddenly gets up)
Jennifer: you can visibly see the A spot on the picture that doctor Rinaldi sent to my father; when I first met him on the set I never knew anything about this, maybe its' just as well because I would have thought him to be crazy or fanatic.
Angela: can I hold him
Jennifer: of course!
Angela: (the baby smiles at her and Angela's face lights up) you are so beautiful.. look !! he's smiling at me!!
The baby grabs Angela' nose between his thumb and the other finger)
Angela: (out loud, stiff, with an unbelievable look) mom!!.. dad!!..
grandma!! .. look !!
Matilde: (nervously towards Jennifer) Ettore used to do that to my daughter and to my grandaughter Angela!
Even Jennifer is surprised. Then the baby takes his little hand away from Angela's nose and claps his hands instinctively (or maybe not) Angela hugs him and whispers in his hear, crying
Angela: my sweet dear grandpa.. thank you… thank you (kisses his ear) Jennifer you are dear to me we have a common love, I feel we'll became great friends this is always your house as well
Jennifer: and my house in Los Angeles will be yours Angela my dear friend.
Scene changes: in front of a small graveyard in the greek countryside , eight people are there: Massimo, Miriam, Matilde, Carl, Billy Carter , Pat Carter, Jennifer and Angela. One morning in the late afternoon . they are about to enter the cemetery but Massimo stops them.
Massimo: let Jennifer and Angela do the searching
Angela and Jennifer walk in the graveyard, both hold a red rose in their hand and start looking around. After a while Jennifer sees the tombstone seen in the previous scene. She looks at it in amazement
Jennifer: look Angela! I'm sure this is the tomb: the date is the same as the date in your grandfather's letter and the tombstone is number 72 … all the numbers correspond!
Then Jennifer goes to lay the red rose on the old tombstone but Angela stops her:
Angela: (caressing Jennifer) no.. take my rose as well, its' your right and privilege to lay them on the tombstone
Jennifer kisses Angela and while she bends over the tomb, the scene goes back to the initial one when you see a hand laying 2 red roses on a tombstone and caressing it. Then the camera goes from her hand to a blue sky with white clouds while in crescendo you hear
Track n° 2 from cd waltz from the opera
"Coppelia" by Delibes
About seventy years later. At the UN assembly: the outgoing secretary general is communicating the election results for the new secretary general at the United Nations.
Secretary general:
The result of the election for the new secretary general of United Nations are as follows: 954 representatives out 1250 have voted. Valid votes 954, blank ballots one, 953 are the total favourable votes, none contrary. Ector Carl Azelius Carter has been elected as the new secretary general of United Nations unanimously. Before passing the word to the new secretary general I would like to say a few words about hi personality and why he was elected unanimously outside of one blank ballot (that was his). Professor Ector Carter for many years was president of the commission for "universal peace and cohabitation" and has contributed fundamentally towards the elimination of terrorism. He has searched the causes that have created such terrorism through discussion and recognition of equal dignity between the contenders involved. He has proposed the abolishment of any kind of war for any reason and this has been approved by the UN assembly being that it has a legal right over all states, converting all the armed forces under the disposition of the executive commission This police force is to be used within the limits and form decided by the assembly and the laws of each state member. The enormous savings have almost eliminated world hunger. He has greatly contributed in obtaining the consent of almost all state members in the application of U.N. legislation over and above that of the individual states. For those services Prof Carter has deserved, unique case, twice, the Nobel Peace Prize.
Prof. Carter has in his youth suffered because his publications were believed to be incredible and naïve, but times have changed; what people believed to be principles of utopia turned into reality; a long time ago he proposed that the UN's resolutions become compulsory , now they have become executive laws over all states and people. In the past the inobservance of these laws has created fertile ground for terrorism which is now almost extinguished. The few actions done by small groups of fanatics are now easily isolated and almost entirely eliminated from those places where they once grew. Now I call upon the new Secretary General of Unites Nations to address us:
Ector Carter: I thank my predecessor Prof Hang Tse Pong,, the whole world is indebted to him for having harmonized the interests of the 4 world federations : Europe, Asia, Africa and America and basing them on the principles that ethically and morally sustain the foundation of this organization. My infinite respect goes to this great man who seems small and fragile but is very big on a moral and intellectual level. It won't be easy for me to be his equal. The program that I will try to carry out is the general reform of the UN organization that I studied together with Hans Tse pong and other international experts in the judicial field. This project, approved by a commission of experts purposely created, will have to meet the approval of the assembly, in order to respect the spirit of transparency and clarity that allows public opinion to know the proposals of legislation before the assembly approval.
I will explain the main points of this reform that enables the UN organization to be coherent with the necessities and principles of the times :
1. regulation of the accepted principle already operating that forbids war independently decided between state members and its substitution by the UN international force, therefore cutting down the expenses for them.
2. universal recognition of the sacredness and inviolability of the human being. Punishment for crimes through re-education of the individual and his reintroduction to society if possible, otherwise in isolation, in all cases treatment should respect human dignity.
3. resolution of international controversies through the aid of an ethical and religious commission whose composition may vary according to the circumstances made up of experts in international law and representatives of the assembly of those states involved in the controversies , and the components of an organism denominated "The only God the Father" that unifies the main monotheistic religions. These efforts should be ratified unless a negative situation arises.
4. to assume the organism "The only God the Father" as a consultive organ inside the UN whose point of view must be called upon for the deliberation of any new law entailing moral, religious and ethical concepts.
5. to prohibit the local religious centres of power to interfere in any way in the administration of political life and any other facet of life that deals with the general needs of the citizens within the state members. Also to forbid that these religious centres discriminate forcefully or otherwise within the different religions of their own people
6. to make the proper finances available as well as a bonus for the production of television programs tended towards cultural and political education; to enhance values of universal solidarity and brotherhood, so that everyone may feel to be a citizen of the world.
7. reform of the organization: maximum automation in connecting services directly among state members with consequential reduction of personnel from 8650 to 1200 persons.
8. the legal commission should be increased in the field of international and national law from 5 to 25 members in each field, this can vary with the further addition of experts chosen by the qualified assembly that will give their expertise to the UN organ that will ask for it. This will allow the UN organ to create laws that will attribute, deny or modify pre-existing rights. To arrange a list of different types of resolutions that become binding for the assembly
Scene is dissolving while Ector is still speaking, so that you can understand that he still has many other things to say.
The scene turns again when Ector has ended his speech
Ector: That is my program for a short period (after a brief pause he looks, with attention, at the extreme end of the room and a faint smile) …. I see way down at the end of this auditorium a little girl who wants to get in; would the security please let her in, it's my niece Angela and I can guarantee that there is no danger involved for myself or others.
A little girl around 12 years of age comes closer to the president's desk and very timidly hugs her grandfather Ector and gives him two red roses. You can hear a light buzzing in the auditorium.
Angela: mom dad and grandma told me to tell you…. I'm flustered and I can't remember
Angela gives him the flowers and then runs away towards the exit. The people in the auditorium laugh amused.
Ector : I hope that you will excuse this personal interval, my family has just reminded me that today is my birthday, I'm 72 and would like to say that these two red roses are a very special gift to me… (speaking almost to himself) but this is another story for me and my mother (moved)
Everyone stands up and strongly applauds. The zoom focuses from the delegates and the public to Ector's face and the A spot on his forehead; he looks at the red roses; then looks towards the audience with a smile. The minute the Greek chorus begins, the applause dies down and Ector's mind goes to a time and a far away place where a certain thought seems to bloom, he slowly takes off his glasses, looks up to the left towards a large window with tears and nostalgia in his eyes.
Ector's pensive face is veiled by a blue sky with white clouds while in the back ground the music of the Greek Chorus goes in crescendo very loudly.
Track n° 1 greek chorus

Translated by Emilia Zini

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