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Vestita di nuvole (cover)
BELLINI MARIA SIMONA, Vestita di Nuvole,Sperling & Kupfer Editori, 1996, pp. 184, Lit. 22.900 - ISBN 88-200-2208-7
The battle against the brain injury is a battle that must be fought continuously,
especially if the goal is the improvement of the child's condition.
To help parents to not surrender to this terrible enemy and to fight for the right
of brain injured children to live on their own Maria Simona Bellini, in co-operationwith her family, has written a book, «VESTITA DI NUVOLE - Una storia d'amore e di speranza» (DRESSED IN CLOUDS - A story of love and hope), published in Italy by Sperling & Kupfer, with introductions of Mino Damato and Carl H. Delacato.
It is the history of a hard battle against the handicap of Letizia, the youngest
of four children, who was born brain injured. It is a touching story marked by suffering,by presumption and by the cynicism of some doctors. It contains one thousand and one difficulties and misunderstandings but also the love of a mother and father and of siblings, the solidarity of friends and the dozens of volunteers that for eight years (Letizia is actually nine years old) helped her with the rehabilitation exercises.
The meeting with an American expert, Carl H. Delacato, Ed.D. who is working wonders with a large number of brain injured children through out the world, is the first token of hope that, with the passing of years and hard work, has come true. The young girl, who in the beginning was given a terrible prognosis by the medical community, now walks, attends a regular school with children of her own age and, above all, is a child full of joy and a strong will to live.
The unexpected success of walking and the last goal of speech are not meant to be a simple message of comfort but also a promise of serenity and joy for every family touched by the same or similar problems. This book is meant to help them in casting off the silence and suffering, to help them find the courage to ask for help.
«Letizia is a symbol of the trust in a world where everyone can give as much as he can, being sure that he have in any case a role, a mission to complete with other people. This is the meaning of the life of children like Letizia. How much is received by the people that have helped her? How much has she given to them? Letizia was born again thanks to this embrace and now she does not look like the child that was shut inside a shell. Her green eyes are the only recognizable things of the ancient Letizia.»
If a publisher would be interested in to publish this book in his
country, he can contact: Sperling & Kupfer Publisher, Via Borgonuovo 24, 20121 Milano MI, Italy, tel 0039 02 290341, e.Mail
Maria Simona Bellini lives in Rome. "Vestita di Nuvole" is her first book. She, her husband and their other children Valentina (17 years old), Serena (14) and Tiziano (13) are at disposal of everyone who needs words of comfort or advise.



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